Inside Out Awards select first Charity Partner

Brixton Finishing School has been chosen to become the Inside Out Awards Charity Partner of the year. 

The Brixton Finishing School for digital excellence, run by Hoxton United, is a real work finishing school like no other, bridging the gap between academic and business life. Its ambition is to create opportunity and support

talented young people from marginalised backgrounds who aren’t going to university, or who may not have a robust network or route into work. 

With specific focus on digital marketing and social media careers, the Finishing School has developed a FREE 12-week digital ‘accelerator’ program. The aim of the program is to deliver creative and digital marketing skills and real-world advertising experiences. They prepare students for a pool of entry-level roles available just for them or for jobs in the wider industry.

The Brixton Finishing School disrupts the way the Creative Industries recruit talent. Providing an ‘end to end ‘solution to the Creative Industries diversity challenges. Diverse teams deliver businesses a competitive advantage bringing different types of thinking, new perspectives and fresh ideas. Through their outreach work, the School taps into these under-represented groups within the creative industries to nurture and support potential and talent.  

Emma Sexton said “We are thrilled to be able to support the Brixton Finishing School, and are excited to see how our partnership develops in the future.”


Emma Sexton