Our judging process


We have spent time seeking astute individuals to form a team of independent and impartial judges.

Selecting the right mix of judges has been important to us, ensuring the judging panel represents a range of knowledge, expertise and skills.

To ensure we are transparent with our processes we wanted to provide you with more information about the role of our Judges and the Judging process itself.


The Role of our Judges

Each Judge is expected to fully participate in the judging process. They will;

  • Use their knowledge and experience to assess entries during our judge’s day.

  • Check all entries meet the correct category criteria and re- allocate into correct categories if necessary

  • Provide scores and written comments on all shortlisted entrants and award winners

  • Attend the Awards event. It is important that the judges are there to meet all award finalist, sponsors and guests and be accessible to them.


Key Dates

  • DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES - 12th September 2019

  • JUDGES DAY - 25th September 2019

  • SHORTLIST ANNOUNCED - 1st October 2019

  • AWARDS EVENT - 30th October 2019


Judging process

Below is a summary of this year’s Judging process;

  • All entries and nominations will be sent to the Awards team by the 12th September.

  • All entities and nominations will be collated into their categories.

  • All entries and nominations will be checked for eligibility and accuracy.

  • All eligible and quality entries and nomination shall be evenly distributed amongst the Judging Panel a week before the Judges day for an initial review.

  • The Judges day will allow each Judge to discuss the entries they have reviewed and to make their recommendation. We expect there to be discussion and for the Judging Panel to reach a consensus.

  • By the end of the Judges day, each category will have a shortlist of entries. This information shall be announced on the 1st October.

  • By the end of Judges Day, each category shall also have a Winner. The Winners will be announced during the Awards final event on the 30th October.


Judges Day

This year, we are hosting a Judges day which will take place on the 25th September in London. This will give our Judges the opportunity to come together to discuss the merits of each entry ensuring a fair, thorough and robust process.

Each Judge shall take the lead on 2 categories and will have the opportunity to have a look through their entries prior to the Judges day.

During the Judges day, each Judge will present their thoughts and discuss the merits of each entry or nomination. All Judges will need to come together to decide on the final shortlisted entries and winners for each category. If a final agreement cannot be made, Emma Sexton, Founder of the Inside Out Awards shall make the final decision.